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BG-KL-1288 (BLE 5.0)

Develop for enterprise and SME owners to master key and APP share access outdoor or indoor key lockbox.

BG-KL-1289 (BLE 5.0)

The compacct version of keyless lockbox that to latch directly over door knob or handle

BG-PL-1388 (BLE 5.0)

Develop for household owners to master key and APP share access for indoor and outdoor padlock.

BG-TL-1201 Puroma Keyed Padlock

70mm Commercial Discus Lock with Hardened Shackle.

BG-TL-1202 Combination Lock

50mm Indoor and Outdoor padlock with 4-digits combination : Brass or Zinc casting

BG-TL-1203 Laminated Steel Lock

We offer different size (30/40/45/50/64 mm) on laminated steel lock, best use for indoor and outdoor, as well on residential gates, fence, and garages.

BG-TL-1205 Hidden Shackle Padlock

High security padlock - 73mm Hidden Shackle Padlock (Steel or Zinc) with Hasp

BG-TL-1206 Armoured Steel Padlock

80/90mm Armoured Steel Padlock are best use for roller shutter doors, warehouses, and commercial outlet.

BG-WL-1289 Gateway(WIFI | LTE M1/CAT1)

Develop for wireless extension control of BLE Smart Locks with enterprise solution

Smart Key

The BLE Smart key with patented connection algoithm allows one key to open mutliple smart locks manufactured by Brilliant Guard,